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Back on the track in Italy and Austria!

not having any world Cups during december. That meant we had a preparationcamp for Martell Ibu-cup starting already 4th of Dec. One week in Obertilliach, and we were NOT alone there!:DD So many teams training there, so many competitions during Sunday. ÖSV had some qualiraces for european xc-cup, germans their own sprint for IBU-cup, as well as austrian biathletes had their pursuits then.

3 days training at home before rushing to the train again. Finnair had cancelled all flights during that week, I got a phonecall from the headcoach only two hours before the last train left:D eh. a bit stressy packing and off to Helsinki… really really nice:D

Anyways we got a lot of luck during the flights, from Helsinki- Düsseldorf- München. And all in!=) Amazing luck, we got all our stuff and also the way to Obertilliach was smooth. Our world Cup-team otherwise didn’t had that luck as their baggages and rifles were a long time somewhere between Östersund-Stockholm- Copenhagen-München..
Funny story from the airport:D ; A mixed group of men were having a bachelor- party, on the way to somewhere and sitting in the same plane. ”the husband” was selling some ”items” for our guys.. and wanted to give me some xs strings… but I didn’t take them;) hehe. but we got a lot of laugh:D

Preparation for Martell was brilliant as the sun was shining and the temperature comfortable +1 – -6c =) I was skiing more classic, maybe that’s why my body is getting better all the time.
When we got to Martell then it was perfect sunny weather and predicted -2c! perfect.. Only the next days skiing up there changed the perfect ”imaginations”:P. YEP. 1750meters above the sea level, the feeling a bit ”weird”:D Also the sight to the track. Steap long upphills and tricky, curvy downhills.. Kontiolahti is like a toyfield compared to that:D And I know what I’m talking about!

The races were as tough as they could be. Individual race, 15km’s and very extreme wind conditions.. Miss Fortuna was a bit mixing the results as we saw some 0+5+4+1 or that kind of funny results at the range:p For me it was a bit ”Pech”… 1+2+3+1, and also 7minutes extra. wiuh, I found myself on the place 38 on the resultlists. The feeling on the last loop, and the last 700meters. Pure uphill, wind against and all in… heh. And the curvy down hill to the finish. I barely stood on my skies^^’ highest lactat ever!!:o

Living in a hotel where we had a swimmingpool and sauna (but no internet) recovered me quite a well from the long race. Max puls in the race was still low, 181… a bit afraid of the high altitude? But still I skied my legs ”off”..:D oh lovely. On Sunday’s sprint, though, I made my best result this season.
2+0 penalties in a tricky wind again and a nice 18th place! I was really near by top ten after the last shooting, but my tired legs dropped me down 6 places during the last hard 2,5 kms..

Anyways I’m quite a happy with the results, I even won the the winner from Beitostölen (Kalina)… as she had 4 penalties. The feeling, it’s getting better. Only 3 weeks and good training I’ve reached a bit the top! makes sence!:)

Now out to run and then sauna=) As well waiting for a guest later then…
Races on Friday and Saturday, sprint and pursuit, predicted weather around -15c. hrrr,nice. Thumbs up and GO!=)


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