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Breaking Silence!

I was just driving back home from training ”deep in the swamp” when I heard this tragedy of one of the greatest cross-country skiers in Finland, Mika Myllylä. Ten years he had to to stand up to the critic and shit, having big private-, as well as alcoholproblems. I hope none of the athletes have to live the “post-sport- life” like that.

Anyways above all, I’m not dead (ironically) although I’ve been climbing up to the Vuokatinvaara in deadheat, trying Benji-jumping, and crowling in the mod… XD

Last time I wrote it was time for Off-season, now we’ve been training over two months since that! Trainingcamps in Åland and Vuokatti are well-done and now I’m just about to head to Otepää. And believe or not, it’s 8th summer in a row when I’m doing this!! I bet this happens also next July and until death do us part… ^^’

Actually I started the trainingseason with lovely combined training and relaxing week in Crete! Swimming and running on the beach, but also biking to the nearest mountainpeak with my little brother included to the program. +27c degrees and sun made my smile wider and my skin browner:D Satisfying result!

After that I’ve been training mostly at home, only one “small” problem rolling in my head all the time. I don’t know who would be my coach!!!! And that’s more than a huge question cause now we’re talking about the years until Olympic Wintergames in 2015! As you may know our Anatoly came back to Kontiolahti, and I had been co-operating with my Norwegian coach since October. Then we also got a new A-team coach Mika Haapoja (my ex-coach before I moved to Östersund) . And how come, I had three eager coaches willing to coach me, but dunno how I came to the option that nobody expected! Somehow (and with help of my dearest..including phonecalls to all around the world..) Tomi Kuutti from Lahti (Also Kaisa’s and Mari’s ex-coach) is now supposed to bring something fresh to my body. I’m trusting now that this system will work and bring me a new level in my skiing. Shooting things I’m handling with Anatoly and co. So there shouldn’t be any problem. I have also started a new mental training program with Christoph Treier and I hope I’ll reach my goals easier when he’s around!:)

We have now a brandnew coachgroup, including also Kaisa’s personal coach Jarmo Punkkinen. Thus far everything seems okey and I hope it will be even better! We have more trainingcamps than ever before and that means only more days abroad… J Ruhpolding, Obertilliach, Ramsau, Vuokatti and Muonio, for A-team.. Maybe I’m coming along with them to some of the camps! In the meanwhile I’ll be training at home with Ahti and Anatoly, once in a while taking a tour to Lahti to my personalcoach. Who knows, maybe I’m also moving to that direction pretty soon. But about that and the reasons later then😀

So I’m heading to Lahti now and tomorrow morning to Otepää for two weeks. After that it’s time for the wedding of my big brother<3 That will be sensitive and great day. A relaxing day between the trainingcamps and Finnish Cross-Summerbiathlon Champs…

Returning here later ,I’m then one year older and one year wiser, happily and eager to see again the beloved ones.:)

Hugs xxx

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