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Dear university!

After all, the first week at the university wasn’t bad at all!! I really enjoyed seeing friends and having this perfect student lunch! yammy!.) Long time, no see. Many of my schoolfrineds have been somewhere abroad, in the language practise during the summer, or just been somewhere else.. maybe earned a bit money by working!! (what’s that?:D) My time went smoothly by training and training..:) Three weeks in Otepää, Estonia was my ”headhappening”, all the other weeks just passed as fast as they began! (Like this week as well!.o)

So on Monday morning I was sitting in the big studenthall, planning to start spanish lessons! And surprise, I met a couple of friends and got some company! It was really fun to start spanish, but I think I have to skip it, thus far. Well, I did start also russian lessons!!:D So maybe I just gathered too much …^^’ So now I’ve only russian lessons.. and swedish and germany.. 😀 cool!

But the head point is still in training of course. That’s why it’s quite irritating when I CAN’T be at school as much I would like to.. But the time for that will be later then:) Seems like I’ll be ready with kandidat exams anyway before June!:O Believe or not! After that..) Maybe i’ll head to Germany or back to Sweden.)
It all depends on how’s the coach thing moving on…

Ten days here, and I’m in Germany!!:) yeeees. Time flies fast.. As Katri is writing!!:D in Qatar. the time is same! Going too fast when it shouldn’t!!
If you are near by Ramsau or Oberhof during the next three weeks. just make some voice:) Even if we are training a lot there, there’s always a chance to have a little meet…

Now I’m planning to watch the last athletic GP-race.. Jukka Keskisalo!! GoGo!!
Next week hard training, and a bit school. Normal life continues.. see ya!:)

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