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Ett mellanmål på ett mellanår

Ett mellanmål på ett mellanår

Down to Italy we head, for me at the first time this year! =) A year without mountains and the Italian atmosphere has been too long. I had been missing my IBU-cup friends, the tough races and the familiar places. This trip came suddenly, just in two days preparation before take-off and the “horror” 3rd day race at the 1750 meters level above the sea. My first plan would have been the trainingcamp with Ahti and Anatoly down in Ridnaun, but cause I hadn’t got any permission even to race in Martell, I stayed at home, already willing to be ready for the next season.
To make it briefly, our visit “on” the Dolomites was short including sprint and pursuit. My shooting seems to be at the level where I would be able to manage really well also in World Cup, but my skiing shape makes some question marks to be enough for that level. Anyways, 2nd fast shooting (in Martell) with 26-28seconds and the hitting the targets nearly 90% is good. That was the crusial point in my races. Martell sprint was as difficult as we had been scaring, the stone-hearted feeling and thin air didn’t “release” me on track. Norway celebrated good placements when they have been preparing already a week before us, in the same hotel (in the same hotel wtf!!?:D) Luckily I didn’t die totally on the course but the average performance was just enough for top 40! Next day’s racing did go a little bit smoother and my penalties 1+0+0+2 took me some placements upwards. Hiiohoi. The visit in Italy was much too short and a bit too high. Then we took a nice roadtrip towards Slovakian, 12 hours were great in the snowfall in Brenner and some BigMacs for boys ^^D

A couple of days we trained in Brezno-Osrblie, then we should have competed. It tells something about the level of infrastructure in this country when even the roof of shooting range collapsed just during the zeroing… It meant they cancelled the race and we had individual race the next day, instead of the crucial rest day between the two races. I dropped again 3 out of 20 targets in individual, getting a bit too sensitive by firing and one of my shots was already in the wall before I even aimed to the spot. Well, that didn’t affect a lot, place 36th or something wouldn’t have been changed so much ^^ The tough steep uphill in Osrblie make me nearly walk. Except, I was feeling powerful all the way, I just should have kicked more ass and take the next ventilation level^^ That theme continued in sprint and like earlier this year I’m feeling easy-going and good in the finish when the others are coughing air off their lungs. That’s all there’s to it! 0+1 shooting and the 4th fastest shooting were on my side, otherwise there aren’t that much to tell for the children 0_o Anyways, I did enjoy this checking my level and seeing my friends, unfortunately it was again time to farewells again…
The travelling is exhausting but also motivating to me, without any international competitions I don’t know where I would sit now. Bachelor of Arts would be planning the Master studies somewhere… Actually I’m doing it already now, willing to finish my sportmedicin studies. Also the move to Lahti in the spring will be crucial on my way to or off biathlon.
Now I’m, however, on the way to Helsinki, flying tomorrow to Bansko, Bulgaria where European Championships are held this year! A plaster to my wounds, feels like this is just a snack during the day, some races during the year where I haven’t been able to ski there where I should be, could be…
Talk you later after the fantastic biathlon paradise Bansko… who knows?:D With Rita, Satu and his husband we probably have the biggest team ever in Ech’s… 😀 Quess who waxes and helps this year…. 😉

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