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European Champs in Otepää!

Here we are again!!:) Since end of July there’s a lot of snow and the city looks a bit different, quite sleepy actually!
We travelled by bus all day on saturday to get to Helsinki and then continuing to Tallin and Otepää in the afternoon on Sunday. Luckily we got the best hotel in the town and at least food is something eatable.. (compared to some previous meals during the years.D)

Day 1.
Anyways racing started on Tuesday with Individual race. It’s been snowing/raining already a couple of days, temperature just above +0 c! In the morning before start it was also windy and the new snow falling made a light ”glue” under the skies^^’ But I felt better than last weekend in -20c!:) So startnumber 3 and off we go. In zeroing the wind was calming down a bit and also snowing seemed to stop. Well, during the next 15 minutes it started to snow heavily.. and it got thicker all the time during the race. The tracks were soft and not really helping my poor skiing. It was like a repris from Hochfilzen. Only the tracks were not yellow ones.D

I shot 1+1+2+2 which was absolutely too much! For me it was like a lottery on the shooting range when the wind was blowing strongly. I ended up to the place 40 what in this case didn’t satisfy me, nor my coach. And if I would try to not to fall down in the biggest downhill on the last loop helps a lot to get better placements^^’
It didn’t prevent the top girls to make a good performances, though! Congrats German team!! Klasse!
So what can I do… More training. My season will be pretty much over after these champs so I’ll try to show my best in tomorrow’s relay and the weekend’s races. Sprint and pursuit will be also on the program..:)

The weather getting colder and they have even forecasted some sun to the weekend so I’m excited!.) Thumbs up again.. I haven’t lost my hope^^’)

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