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First Part – Ridnaun!

Like I promised. Let’s take a step back to Valentine’s Day 14th of February!
A day when you’re supposed to remember all you dearest friends. I hope my friends know they are important without any special day, though^^) I kind of passed this monday somehow..

Anyways, I was standing at München airport already 9 am, waiting for my friend Mario to come and pick me and my brother… on the way to Ridnaun and Italy!
From the icecold -25c at home we had come to sunny Italy and +5! There were not much snow left down in the valleys, but still some amounts up the on the mountains:)) oh great!

Our friend and coach Anatoly had arranged a good accommodation just next to the big Schneeberg-hotel.. You just need to walk out from the door out to the shooting range. Perfect!=)

Well, It was sunny only for this day. Next few days it was snowing quite a lot(40cm?), and the track was supersoft! Maybe due to this I had a bit too high intensity in my trainings and in the end of week my legs were hard like stones. And a lack of massieur…

We moved on to another accommodation on Saturday, living the whole week in the same house with swiss team…!!! Joy!=)) Next to the skitrack and excellent flat!

The first race was on Monday when the men had their individual 20K/15K race. My little brother skied again superfast but 5 penalties dropped him to the place 17th. For me the first race on tuesday was like a comedy. Stone legs and high altitude didn’t really help. Only my shooting, except the last standing (3) was okey.
From this day my brother got sick, me being awake half of the nights cause of his coughing. But it got even worse as he had a horrible pain in the stomach. One late evening I then took him to the hospital.
So that’s why there weren’t any finnish relay teams running to the finish on Thursday. Always missing one part from a team^^’ ”hilarious”damn.. NOT!

Sprint race on Sat was neither a hilarious one, my shooting seemed to be anything but easy-going. 3 penalties and I end up to the the place 40! oh gott. Luckily my legs were a bit better, maybe cause of non-stressy evenings…;)
Luckily the day after my skiing got a tiny boost even if the sunny weather had changed to snowfall (again)..My nearly super shooting 0+0+0+2 was satisfying!:) There was something to cheer up anyways eh!:D
The next job was to pack all the things and fly next day then to Khanty-Mansiysk and World Championships!!:)

Two weeks in Italy was great what comes to people and athmosphere. I enjoyed my stay…And I’m missing all the time…
But new experiences were waiting for us on the other side of the globe …. Dawai dawai!!;)

ps. skiingpics taken by Mario Danzl, biathlon Austria!
The other ones taken by Mika Haapoja!=)

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