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Five to go!! B)

Third update in the row.. You bet I have a rest day?.D yep. Two weeks to go before the season is over. We have still Finnish Champs in Cross-coutry and as well in biathlon. Next weekend we’ll go to Kuopio and I will ski sprint and relay! It will be fun I think so…:) Unfortunately I’ve been too tired to think about traveling/competing abroad anymore, so Sweden and Switzerland has to wait for me a bit more to arrive.. Later!!;)
Otherwise I’m planning to enjoy the lovely spring weathers here at home. The tempereture is still in minus grades at nights so there’s still quite a much snow and cónditions are perfect^^)

The first weekend in April we have then biathlon season ending here in Kontiolahti! Let’s take the last fight against the World’s best and Finland’s best biathletes:) On Friday relay, on Saturday Sprint and the season will be finished by Mass start! After that I’m only counting the days when I’m back at the airport… 😛

The homecoming is always nice, but for me already one week feels too boring, eh dunno. Maybe I’m used to have a bit stressy life abroad… at the sametime it’s also nice! The life at home, training and those things at this time of the season is not so funny anymore^^’) I think I need to take vacation and then I’m full of energy and will be back in the business first of May;)

My little brother came home yesterday night from Oslo. I had been cleaning up the house in every corner, cooking a yammy hamcheeseroll plus strawberrymousse.. the sauna was hot and some beers in the fridge. eh what would a man prefer???;D
Only one man in the world can get even better…;)

Now off to the sunshine and day off:D and boxing lessons are waiting for…


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  1. Иван · 27.3.2011 Reply

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  2. Иван · 27.3.2011 Reply

    Laura, olen Venäjältä))) I wish you had a great summer and winter start showing results, reach for Kaisa. I believe in you.)))


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