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Flight by flight—

How was I wondering last time, Kaisa may be in a good shape right?
And hell yes she is!:)) Congrats to her and her superior season start both in Östersund and Hochfilzen. I’m glad and proud too:) As I’ve seen most of the races in tv, it seems the weather conditions have been very extreme during the past two weeks!

And what happened to me? Well, after GP-races in Kontiolahti we packed our things and flew to Norway where we had IBU-races in Beitostölen! There we had the same freezing weathers like in Muonio. During the racedays we had -15c or even more plus very tricky hard wind! ufff.
Anyways I nearly did well there. As my prone shooting was brilliant, my standing was horrible..
On Sat I had 0+3 penalties and was two minutes behind the leader. On Sunday I managed to dropp one target more and ended up to the place 33. So I was the 3rd woman in our group and got a flightticket back home.

Somehow we just managed to rush to the last train home, with Sarkku:D I must say it was so near to miss it with the slow bus, late flight…hrrrr. My little brother Ahti, though, made again some good results there, 2nd best and so he continued to Östersund and to Hochfilzen!!=)) proud sister…=)

The story continues a bit later…:)

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