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Hey Ho new flat!!:)

I got a new flat from Joensuu. And it’s sooo nice! I can see sun setting down in the evenings and I do have also more space here! Not only I have my own room, but also this kitchen is brilliant.. Now I’m cooking eagerly than ever before! Such a pleasure:)
Living together with my little brother is not bad at all! At least I have somebody to clean up sometimes, make food or just chat with^^’ Eh. Only problem seems this 3 km way to the city centrum.. I’m sooo lazy.:D LOL. That ”extratraining”-cykling- just doesn’t fit me.. Well, I have to get use to it!:))

Now I’ve packed out my things.. I had maybe ten bags of clothes but somehow I managed to get them into the closets:p hah. You can already see the floor!!:D Now my plan is to find a mirror so I won’t look like a mess going to the university… next week!! oh. I’ve missed my friends. dunno about the school. I’ll start a course in russian.. german, swedish, english..:D Not forgetting my sportmedicin studies!!.D I survived from the last big essay! getting 23 pages of mental training in athletes, specially in biathlon.) So I’m finished with that! sooo glad.))

Last weekend we had also Finnish Championships in summer biathlon. Rollerskiing sprint and individual races^^ On Saturday I (again) ended up to the place 2 in junior class with horrible shooting (hitting only 50%) I skied pretty well.. Or I just think so, getting a silver medal!:D
On sunday we had a lot of rain, but never mind! Everybody started like normally, just a bit more careful at this time. 15 km track suited me quite well, and once again I could ski pretty well! I got four minutes penalties, nevertheless, I was 4th!! So no reason to be really disappointed.. BUT only 2 mm.. two times and I would have been 2nd.. in Senior Class! Just behind Kaisa Mäkäräinen.. Pity^^) Next time then..

So I’ve moved now, had the competitions and starting the school next week!! This week I’ve been training together with A-team, and getting to know how they are training. I got some new inspiration.. knowing I’m not actually so far away from the ”team” girls!!:) *joy*

After two weeks I’ll be traveling to Germany and Oberhof! Summer biathlon World Championships are hold in Thüring.. and the centrum of German Biathlon. It’s like Östersund in Sweden or Joensuu/ Vuokatti in Finland.) I’m looking forward to compete last time as a junior..!!! and revench from the winter junior World Chamionships when I was sick^^/ After that I’m old, in the senior class, together with ..everbody!!^^’ oh.. We’ll see how it goes:)

But anyways, I’m on the road soon. And straight after WCH I’ll head to Austria and Ramsau. I’m having two weeks training camp there on the glacier.. Alps..:) Oh wie ist das schön!! Good training with A-team is waiting for me.. as well I’m looking forward to see a couple of friends!! Long time no see. So what would be better:))

Off I go now to see my friends having ”welcome to my new house”-parties.. Maybe I’ll find my eager partymouse-brother from there as well:D hehe. no doubt, he’s a real biathlete!

After the sunset.. see ya!:) xx

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