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Long time, no see -4 weeks adventure!


I arrived yesterday back home, felt like a train had droven over me. Depressing weather with plus zero and snowfall, grey greatness to be at home^^’ eh. A bit over 4 weeks I’ve been all over the world, as how I could say. First two weeks in Italy in Open European Championships then 2 weeks in chilly Siberia in World Championships! (Comments and pics following in the next update!:D)

Having still a jetlag (from siberia plus partying.;)) I woke up today at 8 am, without alarm, feeling great! The grey landscapes had turned into sunshine and -5c! We have been eating two weeks a bit ”heavier” russian food, so now I can cook and bake whatever I really want!! jipiii!!!! The strict timetable with trainings, changing clothes, dinnertimes etc have changed to easy-going life eh and ”wear-whatever or nothing” :DD Also the empty fridge has been filled again and oh the glory when I got into the sauna first time in 4 weeks!!:))) It’s nice to be home… for a while;)

I will enjoy one week all alone at home… Maybe tomorrow I’ll get my skies and rifle, dunno where they are, hopefully not anymore in Russia!!! It feels very poor without, especially in this weather! We have still 3 weeks to go before the season is over..
I was in Oslo too, but got the directflight back home, so no more Worldcup starts for me this season! Hoping for better results and more WorldCup races next season then! I’m already missing you my dear biathlonfriends!:)

The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital. -J.Paterno

I’ll be going Swedish or Schweizer Champs the next week, maybe. If it’s just working out well.. We have also Finnish Champs in Cross-country and Biathlon coming on:D So tough end for the season aanyways!
We’ll see what happens. As I’m a bit restless now… Missing a lot to Switzerland, but would also like to see me swedish friends.. and also other friends here and there:)) How I will handle everything ouii…

Now off to Sauna!! 😀
ps. no jokes about it…;)) It’s just a same thing like you would eat.. everyday,)

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