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Oh it’s time for Olympics!

Olympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler are now in the world’s spotlight. It’s been nice to watch races (especially biathlon and cross-country). We’ve seen some nice surprises and also bad presentations. Luckily Svendsen, Fourcade, Ferry and Neuner didn’t let me down.:)) Congrats.. Maybe after four years you’ll see me 5 circles on the chest.) From the finnish viewpoint the Olympic games has been worse than ever before. Weather, snow, skies etc.. Maybe we should really have hired a psychologist…

I had my own games at the weekend, Open Biathlon Nordic Games in Hämeenlinna. How nice to get some dear biathlon concurrents from Sweden and Estonia!:) What comes to the races it was so horrible freezing weather. -19c (official temperature^^’) plus biting wind 10m/s didn’t not really give a chance to all to compete. All the competitions should have been canceled, but no way, of course they had to arrange races to get the money and fame^^ So Friday evening we had relay where I was in the 2nd team, getting the place 3 after the victorious swedish girls! Grattis! They really did good performances and showed to our 1st team, including 2 worldcupskiers, how to shoot!
On Saturday the weather looked sunny and great, but it was still windy and I got my nose and toes frozen. (The nose was the only thing what you could see under the buffs, tapes and hats:D)
1+1 and I was 3rd, 30seconds behind Sarianna. My riffle has still problems in the extreme cold weathers, co-operation is just temporary. Unfortunately, every raceday I had to use some reserve bullets to make five shots, my bolt spitting my bullets away one by one…^^/ this cost a lot of time.. And may have cost also the world cup place!!
On Sunday Elisabeth and Carro managed to catch the podium place after our outstanding winner, Teija!! I ended up to the place 5 with 2+1 penalties, skiing pretty good compared to the others. (not including Teija:D)

So why we really did 3 races? We wanted to have some good races before the headgoal of the season, European Championships in Otepää, Estonia. There were only a few things good to tell from the competitions, though. I’m really getting pissed off when the temperature is all the time below -20 and when it’s not so it’s snowing like hell and blowing it against your face^^ So the Preparation to the big champs hasn’t been the perfect one. We’ll see what happens. Anyways I’m more than glad to get out of the city and country! Otepää has either never let me down..

When it’s cold you just can’t train very well. So I was hardworking and managed to do my Bachelor Degree- exams, including 20 pages shit about swedish grammar:D I’ll probably get my ”papers” out in May. I still have to do a couple of small ”things” with sportmedicin… Anyways, I’ll be ready to do something else. I’m planning to take a year off in Austria or Germany, or maybe moving back to Östersund. (At least I know how to train there and have already friends there:)) Only ”preventing” thing might be my coach Anatoly who just said he’ll be here in Finland until next Olympic Games in Sochi 2014! We’ll see. I’ll be thinking about the oppoturnities…At least I’ll be abroad, trainingcamps and so on.. as much as i can. Oberhof, September and then Ramsau here I come!:))

Then some bad and good news! I won’t be skiing in the next world Cup in Kontiolahti. The big bosses had been again doing some random drawing.. never explaining where is the qualification race and when or what’s the deciding ”thing”. Anyways, seems like Finnish champs were not. Maybe the first (and only the first) race in Hämeenlinna was the ”one”. At least that’s the only race where I’ve lost during the last month to Sarianna… I must say that I’m pissed off about the way how they make the decisions..but my chance will still come. Fuck off! I’ll kick my ass off in Otepää, for sure!! Anyways, you will see me working in the world cup as a Chief of Attasees!! Hopefully it’s a nice job. Otherwise I’ll take a snowboard and flight to Austria and never come back!

Then the good ones.. You will see at least one Toivanen racing in Kontiolahti! My gorgeous little brother Ahti managed to beat every single men in Hämeenlinna and so he got a place in the World Cup!!! Awesome! Thumbs up!:))) He will probably ski also in Holmenkollen.. Maybe I’ll join him to Norway and watch the races and so on;)

So next week I’ll be in Estonia:)) I’ve always liked the place.I haven’t been there in the winter, though. After that week only working in the WC I’ll perhaps head to Sweden and to swedish Champions in Lima and continue to Östersund to celebrate Easter!!:))

Now time for OS again. Men’s relay…:) Hopefully some of my secret favourites will be in the front line;)


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  1. Aleka · 25.2.2010 Reply

    It’s nice to hear good news about Ahti ) Good luck for him)
    Thank you, Lara!)

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