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Oh Olympics!

Olympic Games…Vancouver and Whistler are now in the spotlight. Well, you’ve seen some surprises and as well some brilliant performances! Ferry, Neuner and Svendsen did not let me down!:p Only the finnish success have been poorer than ever…!! The reason might be rainy weather, bad skies or bad day, maybe only pressure of the ”olympic circles” on the chest.. However, seems like we’ve lot of work to do to reach the top of the world..(and at the right time!!)

We had our own ”games” at the weekend. Open Nordic Biathlon Games in Hämeenlinna, where the swedish, estonian and finnish athletes were competing in the freezing temperatures. Or what you think about -19c degrees plus wind 10m/s?? Blowing against your face.. Oh dear, I just say it was not funny!! Friday evening we had relay, where I was skiing in the 2nd team, getting the place 3. Swedish girls showed their power and took the gold before our”gorgeus” 1st team, including 2 worldcupskiers! Grattis!!:)

On Saturday the weather was sunny, but the conditions like I described earlier. I took penalties 1+1 ending half a minute after the winner. I don’t know what’s really wrong in my riffle. It just doesn’t want to co-operate with me when temperature getting below 10^^/ Once again I was loosing time on the range when taking a couple of reserve shots one by one… And this took at least.. mm. half a minute?

Anyways, it was nice to have some swedish and estonian concurrents to compete here! so congrats Elisabeth and Carro who managed to get the podium place in Sundays sprint! I shot even worse than the previous days 2+1 but in skiing times I was just in the top (when we don’t count the winning Teija who was so damn good!:)). We got some new snow during the night so there was in addition to freezing temperatures, also soft new snow!! Horrible! Never mind, we still raced also on Sunday, so that there would be a couple of ”good” races before the goal of the season, European Championships in Otepää, Estonia!:) I’m glad to get there (again). This playing ”with the weather” here in Joensuu has been more than irritating. If it’s not very cold (-25c or even -35c), it’s so windy+ snowy that you can hardly stand out there.

So that’s the ”perfect” preparation to the big champs. Actually I’ve been pissed off since January and finnish champs. The last three weeks I’ve been working with my Bachelor Degree- exams.. And it’s ready and I can probably get the ”papers” in May:)!!! I’m already planning to make a study/working/training year abroad. Germany, Austria or back to Östersund.. It would be nice. Mmmm. We just got to know that our coach Anatoly will be here in Finland next four years!! But It might prevent me from moving from here^^/ Anyways, we have set the goals, including Olympics in Sochi, 2014. Looking forward to the next years…

Today I saw also news regarding to next world cup in Kontiolahti! Good and bad news. First the bad ones. I won’t be skiing here^/ Well, I got a tiny surprise.. Nobody really informed where’s the qualification races and what will be counted. If it was the first (and only first) race in Hämeenlinna I would have been glad to hear it. First time losing to Sarianna. It seems that finnish champs hadn’t either any meaning..?! Finnish big bosses can always be so surprising.. ”oh, now it’s your turn.. oh now it’s yours. Oh you skied well two months ago, go for the cups. Oh I didn’t even regonize you won or oh it doesn’t really matter, Sorry!..” That’s the way. You see, I’m a bit pissed off but I’ll show my best later then. At least I’ll be working in the world cup

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