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Otepää, there and back again!


Once again we’ve returned back home from sunny Otepää!! At this time the news- free traveling day was Friday, the day when there were these insane terrorattacks in Norway. I’m so upset how this was so raw! so sorry for the norwegians and fellows^^/

Well above that miserable story I heard also good news from Sweden! My good friend and my only finnish speaking teacher in Östersund Marko Laaksonen will be coaching the swedish biathlon women team=) And during this spring there were my ex-coach Johan Hagström doing this job! I’m so proud of them both. JEJEJJE=)

So we’ve just finished our trainingcamp in Otepää. 8th summer in a row!! So the landscapes are quite familiar to me:) Two weeks there is just enough, longer time would have driven us to madness I think^^’ This year we had other schoolaccommodation, just in the middle of the town. Good sides were that there were gym and room for cycles and stuff. Otherwise, it was a bit bad choice. Estonian Rally circus arrived to the city at the 2nd weekend, and living just in the centrum wasn’t very pleasant to sleep. and the hot nights were also prohibiting recovery… If you’re sweating 24/7 you’re not so fresh after two weeks trainingcamp with over 40 hours training and around 10hours pure shootingtraining^^D

Anatoly was the chef of the camp and I think we managed well also this year. I did a bit my own trainings, and actually I felt great! 😮 I was able to run properly first time after 9 weeks with my broken feet (hurted it during kick-boxing lesson^0) And due to massages and right training it was getting better all the time… Hopefully it will last the races during the next weekend, when we have Finnish Championships in Cross-Biathlon! This journey to Jalasjärvi is long, though. After that I’ll perhaps continue to Lahti to my coach and to Helsinki with my boyfriend. So we’ll see when I come back^^’)

Tomorrow’s the day when my big brother is getting married!!=) Seems like we’ll have a warm sunny day coming, with a lot of happy things…:)) I’ll be reading some poetry in the church and in the evening maybe singing. We’ll have fun anyways;)
Now off to the city and enjoy the sunset in the summerheat… Tomorrow I’ll be fine:P


ps. Thank you all for the nice birthdaywishes. As I told you earlier, now I’m wiser, sun-tanned and thinner. *grinning*hehe:D Danke schön, tack så mycket, bolshoe spasibo, jekuji =)

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