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Running away…

We had the first and the last cross-biathlon races in Lahti last weekend!
So from this point it’s time to concentrate more and more to skiing..:p Anyways briefly the results and feelings from the weekend… Nice and extremely hot!! Three races in a row and the temperature (still) in the shadow like +34c!

Not really my favouriteweather but anyways, we survived… Drinking water, swimming, shower… you name it!:D On friday we had sprint competition in the evening. I was a bit lazy on the track, nor did my standing shooting astonish (3 penalties)! so the tight race after our outstanding Kaisa (with 6 penalties), I finished 8th. bad! But next day the individual race and very hot weather.. I tried not to die… and finished 3rd!!:)) the best woman shooter of the day with 3 penalties and not bad running! I think it’s okey result with this huge amount of runningraces behind (none!:D)..
So after the race we had a nice relaxing evening at the city! Unfortunately our coaches didn’t like the idea being a bit out.. And me driving the big car. So quilty!:D

Anyways, on Sunday it was the relay day!! Our team; me, Sarianna, and Piia finished 2nd after Hämeenlinna’s team..:) And to mention our superior boys won their juniorboys’ relay! including my little brother (the fastest runner in men category btw!) and also the ”youngsters” suprised with golden medals!:) so good day for Kontiolahti sport club!!

So that’s it!! Time for packing and enjoying the last (maybe) warm nights and days of the summer! Today we still had +29c over here!!… wondering when it will get any colder..:D

Next goal is anyways Östersund!:) First I head to our summercottage to enjoy tomorrow’s heat.. then I drive to Vuokatti!.) From there we start with our new norwegian coach, drive minibuses, taking ship to Sweden… So here we come, Östersund!:)) I’ve really been missing it and of course the friends over there.
So one week’s trainingcamp and then the IBU-cup rollerskiraces!.) Nice to see where we stand at this time of the season..

So off we go.. Dunno if I come back after all the crab that we have had here, coachsituation and blaaaah.. Well, I will.. To meet an austrian coach who will be here one week to check our trainings and giving advice. Maybe fixing a studentplace for me in Obertilliach, or somewhere there *gg*

så vi ses!!! KRAMAR

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  1. Sudden · 25.8.2010 Reply

    Hallo du vackra kvinna! 😛 Tack för ditt härliga besök och välkommen åter! Jag satt o pratade med er nya Norske tränare under söndagen, och han var väldigt nöjd med speciellt en av åkarna: DIG! Han tyckte oxå att Ni var lite lata i er träning från början! 😉 Så kör på så ses vi snart igen! Kramiz!!

  2. Laura Toivanen · 28.8.2010 Reply

    hello där!:D tack själv, östersund och alla där.. alltid trevligt:))) jag kommer åter..:D ja, våran nya norske tränare är ju väldigt trevligt..och nöjd med mig?:D kul… jag ska ändra på den andra saken:D vi hörs och ses! Kram

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