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Season’s ending..:))

Tjäna! Now it was time to update. It’s been a bit hectic again, with the last races to this season and my trip to Sweden:)
After World Cup in Kontiolahti I managed to ”visit” school and train to the remaining races. First in the program we had Cross-country finnish Champs in Kontiolahti. I was supposed to ski on Friday in the sprintrelay with Sarkku and on Sat we had normal relay 3x 5km! Well, briefly about the results, we got into the finals!:D We never expected that!:) In sprintrelay each team has two skiers (skating style this year) and each of them skies 1,2km at full blast.. then exchange and this 3 times per each!!:D tuff job I would say!!:) But to do it twice during a few hours… So we got the place 14th. I think it’s very good among the world’s best skiers like Saarinen, Kuitunen etc..!! and next morning I really felt like I had been doing something extraordinary^^’ In biathlon you never had that kind of races! But how weird that sounds, it felt easier than in a while..maybe the sunshine and warm weather had risen up my spirit and musclework^^D anyways it was easy to reach my normal maxpulse.. It hadn’t happened since december…^/ extremely cold weathers had taken the sharpest shape!
What comes to the relay on Sat. I took the second leg, and managed to bring us to exchange as 14th, having a good leg!! (oh, don’t mention about the first exchange.. eh. maybe I was a bit ”sleepy” cause I missed Sarkku’s coming to the exchange area so that she had to wait me a while, me rushing past the girls in the queue:D) anyways, we didn’t loose that much time:D we end up to the place 24th in the end, the last girl had just been sick so her goal was to ski into the finish! After all not bad races!!:) We’ll have two biathlon races in April but let’s see if there’s any snow left then:D

Then I jumped into my car, rushed back to home, quick packing and coffeepause with a friend.. Off we go to Vaasa and early on Sunday morning to Sweden!!;) yeee. That I had been waiting so long time.. My coach wasn’t really happy about my plans, but what he can do,) The season in Finland is pretty much over, and my urge to visit friends in Sweden was really strong. So after 500kms driving through Finland to the west coast I was in the night in Vaasa and at 8 o’clock (am) the pizzaboat headed to Umeå! (do not forget to change the summertime, ”¤&#%%%!!^^) after 6 (!!!) hours of this horrible seatrip I rested a while in Umeå by my dear friend Anki, watching the last biathlon WCH race of the year!:) lovely! Congrats to Germany for the 1st place, to Norway for the 2nd place and of course to Sweden with the 3rd place!!:))

Then it was already time to continue to Östersund, accommodation still unknown:P That’s in the next blog then…;) now off to sunshine and ski a while,) Ciao! I return here with some pics.. and stories from Sweden,)

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