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South, North, West

Yesterday morning was a bright day. We got the first 15cm layer snow!!=) So the scenes over here in Kontiolahti are from winterwonderland, unfortunately they are supposed to melt away soon… And that means I’ll be heading to Lappland and Muonio after tomorrow for the first and last snowcamp.

Two months ago since I wrote last time we were heading to Germany with Sampsa. That was a lovely  5 days with two days celebrating the wedding of Svenja & Daniel in a small town near by Hamburg! Danke nochmals!:) The journey was just too short to experience all the places we wanted (Heidepark jei!:D) but long enough not to miss any important trainings. That wasn’t just resting down there in south but good partying and excellent german food.:) And of course I needed to see the places where Sampo used to hang around 6 years ago, having an exchange year there! Last day in Hamburg was warm and with a last ice cream in my hand we head back to Finland and rollerskiing up to Koli was just waiting for me¨^)

So in the beginning of September it was full focus to the trainings. This year I have taken a huge step forwards in my physical shape when the ”holy” triangle with training, sleeping and eating has succeed!!=) Compared to the last autumn when there was school, moving and stressy mood all the time I have it really fine now. 60 hours more training thus far don’t make the sky fall but it’s a good start:) I had only one 5-days camp in Vuokatti (with tests), otherwise I’ve enjoyed the good surroundings here around Joensuu. Hopefully you’ll see a happy face with more balanced performances during the next season. I’m not ready yet and me and my coach are taking small steps in trainings, focusing mainly to the races after Christmas.

The next stop is also Muonio where Sweden, German , Russian women team and Finns are training before the season starts. Two weeks and we have the first races here in Kontiolahti, also qualifying to the first Ibu- and World Cups in West. Östersund and Idre, hope to see some friend there:)) kom å besök! Unfortunately, there will be only 3 +3 women in cups, with 4 startplaces it’s gonna be interesting… Let’s see, let’s see!

Now back in the business, resting tomorrow!! Maybe I’ll check out the first xc-race here in the evening… Then a long tripup to the north. gött!!:)

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