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The Last from the triple blessed Cups!:D

So from rainy Ruhpolding to Suntholz. ANtholz is well-known from it’s sunny windless weathers and perfect tracks! We didn’t have sun every day but It was totally like a dream after the previous two weeks!:)

Four girls from FInland, actually all been representing Kontiolahti SportClub . Mari, Sarkku and me= the youngster super relay team( wiht tens of gold medals) and our yellow bib Kaisa. Couldn’t be funnier:) Our Hotel was also like a heaven, awesome Italian food, swimmingpool, and luxorius rooms, and all girl together!:) It helped a lot to get a good atmosphere for the relay! I think that was the key—

First Sprint on Friday where I did a good performance. Though, 2 penalties from the standing is too much. But skiing time, loosing less than ever. (Yea yea. I fell down again, in the icy down-hill curve before the first splittime. I may have lost not only the whole speed to this uphill but maybe 15seconds at least^^’ My poor ass… was hurting the next day, a lot!:DD hehheh, LOL

Anyways!!!!! It was OK in sprint but our relay was really GREAT!!=) Only 9 spare bullets, and no penalties. It must be ALso some kind of record during the previous years..
So 10th place alltogehter, just 23 seconds behing podium place and Norway!! WOW. We were (are still) very happy!:) We were smiling together with the sun and perfect -8..:)

so back to home…. =) Greetings for all the supporters and people on the track! I’m sorry that I couldn’t always regonize or it was impossible to stop… maybe next time:))

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