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The next (cold) part- Siberia!!

From the sunny lovely Italian Alps we headed to the other side of Ural mountains. The city builded to the middle of nowhere, only oilplatforms decorating our view from the 5 stars hotel– (only builded for the biathletes, and maybe 3rd time in use:D)

We had sunshine also there, but the other things like -15c and sometimes like a hurricane wind didn’t give the same spirit as in Italy! The food was still quite good here, even if we had been expecting something worse due to our last visit to Russian marks (Ostrov 2009)..

Otherwise the strict laws with the weapons and police(milizi) everywhere made me feel like in a gansterwar^^D
The trip from München straight to Khanty-Mansiysk was smooth, we could have been waiting even more, but we didn’t:D arriving around 3am to the hotel and off to bed.. I couldn’t sleep. EH. Time difference to Italy was 4 hours so there were no panic!
Only in the mornings when you have to hurry up to the brekfast before 10am was hard.!!!:D The following week I was sleeping until the noon, eating my own porridge in the hotelroom:D

After arriving and training a few days I felt a bit weird. It was hard to know if I was tired or why^^ During the first 3 days I got massages and my legs felt nearly okey. Anyways our coaches changed their minds a couple of times in a day, and we had a qualification to the sprint with Sarianna! 3K and 2 shootings. Well at 10 am trainingtime and my pissed off -mind due to the desicions and not-okey-feeling in muscles. I shot 1+1, sarkku 0+0… and my skiing, didn’t even get the speed. So I spend the next few days in bed.. Finally it was actually a good choice cause I didn’t still feel topfit! And Sarkku did, the best result in WorldCup so far!.)

So what about others. Well, I think you know that our Kaisa did well… more than well!!! the great season so far and now even Worldchampion in pursuit after the silvermedail in sprint!
It was a sensitive and glorious moment when I saw her face on the finish line, waving the flag that I have been taping to my skipole and giving it just before the line!! GREAT!=))
Hopefully the finnish biathlon is getting a boost from this..


For me the first Worldchamps start was then in individual race. On that day we didn’t have very fair conditions. On the morningrun the wind was blowing so hard that moving against wind was nearly impossible!! -15c and… 😀 After Kaisa’s pursuit there were some parties, but I skipped the most fun due to my sickness. Well I felt kind of okey, only my hurting back (SI- thing down in the back was locked) was a big problem! Our massieur tried to push hard to get it okey, but cause it’s not anything to do with the muscles it wasn’t really helping.

But the race was still quite okey! only 3 penalties in difficult conditions wasn’t bad. Unluckily I had one of the laziest skiing performances this year^/ pain in the back and slow cold snow. So far away from the normal course time.. Place 49th in WorldChamps isn’t really bad, though! I must be glad to be in top 50 first time ever!!! Next year I’ll take already worldcup points,;))

I got some help from the swiss physio later on the week so that my skiing felt a lot better in relay!!=) Danke Patrick und co!!.)) er fehlt noch ein paar bierlis.. I think without swiss guys these 4 weeks would have been much more miserable..

So when the others started to party after men’s relay (or even earlier) we focused to the relay. Well it was only average from us compared to Antholz, but also the conditions were even trickier! Place 11th and Kaisa’s 0+0 without reservs was good! I for example lost my time on the range taking 2+3 extrabullets next to nervous Sleptsova. shame shame..

So packing up the things and off to party. Next morning early flight to Oslo.. And I think I saw more than one tired athlete in the plane;)
And cause the relay was a qualirace (again) Sarkku could stay in Oslo for a few more days..

I headed back HOME!!!!:D

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