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Upside down^^

Upside down^^

The crazy business continues, a dozen of new decisions have been made. And one of them brought a shy smile on my face. I fly tomorrow to München and then I’m finally allowed to race in IBU-cup. First and last time this year. How come??!

The selections to World Championships have been made now, and I just wonder how on earth there can be a lady with no WC starts or top30 IBu-cup results within 2 years!? Well, just to be clever I told last time some points how to slither into the team. Do not finish or start at all together with others after you once been better. be sick or ”sick” …. Actually the problem is not at all that I’m not in the team. How could I, if I haven’t been anywhere since last March. The point is how we haven’t got an equal and fair battle with girls before WCH’s. That’s sad and also irritating how the coaches let it happen! And if somebody’s sick, it’s time to stay home… that was told me earlier. Now when each of the other girls are sick later now it doesn’t matter anymore, or the athletes have not courage to tell ” I’m not at my best shape now, let the next in the queue go..

Anyways, it’s time to travel again. Anna and Maija plus our easy-going boys are probably the best company you can get to this journey when there are the most and the least experienced ladies on the line..:D That’s fun. Let’s hope also some sun! I remember Martell really well, the sunny and super high skiing place where I first time managed to break into top 20 in IBU-cup… in Sprint two years ago! That is rare to be so good but at the altitude of 1600 meters above the sealevel you always have the chance.

Last time we, however, had a 7 -days training camp in Obertilliach, now we fly direct there to train 2 days.. just because our association and the decisions of our coaches are so slow and poor. Let’s see if we manage to adapt this altitude just in 3 days. I planned earlier that I could have flown last Tuesday with Anatoly to Ridnaun, where Ahti and Mari were training and waiting for company:) Due to these desicion-delays and changes (I will replace Outi who got sick^/ best wishes to her!) I wasn’t able to travel earlier to the skiparadise… pity.

Now I’ll dig my riffle under my bed and take care of the rest of packing. I need to pack raceclothes (from last year) also to Anna as we won’t get any new clothes…. hehe. again ”a surprise”..:D his trip will be also expensive cause we don’t get any support from the association this time and we pay everything only with small ibu-aid. Cool. New sponsors required!!!!

Now feelings to Italy and then even to the ibu-finals in Slovakia and Brezno-Osrblie! Ciao!=)



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