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What the spring brings…?

Long time no see^^’ after the wonderful wintertrip to Sweden I had to head back to Finland to do the last exams and all missing schoolworks.. And of course the last funny race of the season, supersprint!:)

That was a funny one, with 4 shootings, supershort tracks and shiny sunny weather… a huge ”lake” on the shooting range:D Anyways, that was a nice way to end the miscellaneous season with up- and downhills!
So it was time for off-season and recharging to the new one..

I did it by concentrating a bit to the schoolworks, and after that a marvellous trip in the middle Europe!:) so after celebrating the craziest week at the uni (before 1st of May!!) there are every evening going some party and the suit is always overalls! (for me the ugly yellow one).. :DD
But before the chilly rainy Finland overtook my bored mind I headed to Zürich and from there forward to Kreuzlingen, the city next to German boarders. That was a tiny chock when it was +25 when I arrived and -2 in Joensuu!!:D Loving sun
I celebrated 1st of May actually in Loney, Lausanne where my friend’s friend had a small scandinavian party!!:)) It was really awesome to get to know new faces, and above when they all were funny and nice people!! I think I enjoyed a lot of this random trip to the southern Schweiz:) so around Switzerland.. Geneva, Luzern and so on.. I could say that the traveling is tuff job, but in this case it was brilliant. Nice views and good company..:) And how many of you has done morningrunning to Germany and back??;) or been at the gym where you have hundreds of different ”powervehicles”!.. (and I used only a few of them:D) That’s Schweiz!!!

So after almost one week in lovely Schweiz my german sponsor Steinbach picked me up from Kreuzlingen and we headed to rainy Meiningen. Then the day after to Oberhof to check the places…:) I had a short coffee pause with a biathlon friend while Manuel had some meeting.. It seems my trainingcamp in Oberhof in the autumn will happen! Even it’s a bit unsure one, cause of other things… B-team trainingcamps and my coach will may have some other opinions..

Anyways, after Thüringer grillparty I headed by train to Paris!! Me and one of my best friends (from the early childhood.D) conquered Paris in 2 days. Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel, Champ’s de Elysee and so on… And to mention we climbed up to the Eiffel by STAIRS!!:D hehe. Try it..,) I say it was a nice training^^’ With hurting legs (from all this walking) we headed to Le Mans where my friend actually lives.. A beautiful city, warm sunny weather… what a gorgeous morning running in the near-by- forests:))

So then back to Finland via Paris and overnight in Helsinki.. My baggage arrived home after two days though cause of strike at Paris’ airport!! So after this genious vacation I am ready to start training once again.. at full blast, the next 350 days, 24/ 7… you know.. this nice easy ”work”:D
We just had the first trainingcamp in Vuokatti..
The weather is perfect! +27c and sun at the moment! :) Yesterdays long training in our nationalpark Koli was one of the best ever!

Looking forward to the next weeks..

see ya later xox

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