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Wolrd Cup 2. Ruhpolding!!

So early monday morning back to the road and we headed towards the Alps.. Actually the sun was shining:D First and Last time within a week^^’
The bustrip was long, thanks for our biathloncollegues from Kazakhstan. I suppose they jsut woke up at that time when the bus arrived to the hotel 0_o

I had never been to Ruhpolding so I cant’ compare how was the track and things earlier, better or worse. Anyways I liked the track, even though these tricky down-hills were not really ”skiable”.. I think we saw tens of ”fails” during the women’s races…^^’

Mari left to Liberec and we were the only girls with Kaisa! On tuesday we got to celebrate Kaisa’s birthday. Cake and something..:D lecker!
In the program we had individual race and sprint.. (+ pursuit)

At that day when we had individual race, I didn’t make a morning running like usually. I looked out from the window, it was pouring rain, total heavy one:D Unbelievable. I think I changed clothes like 4times at that time… It didn’t really help eh As you got wet after 2minutes..:P

I did a quite a good race anyways. Penalties 0+2+0+1 and the place 68th is my personal best. It was even near.. the top 60! the last shot cracking;)
Also the skiing felt a lot better than in Oberhof. Due to wide tracks and harder track it was easier to find my own natural racespeed and I even remembered to breathe.. (It was about time..:D)

In sprint I was a bit careless, that’s why 2+2 misses. The skiing felt okey but I think I should have still started a bit faster.. Anyways, Like my coach said, Sometimes it’s good not to survive so well. So I’ll be much better later then:)
I think most of my friends have already seen me crossing the finish line… Must be some kind of record; I was FLYING to the finish. A small balance mistake, and I nearly fell down before the finish line, but somehow I survived with one ski just to above the line^^’ Check out Youtube:DD
Some ruassian fan of mine had made marvellous videos of my falling..

As well I didn’t survive to Pursuit with that performance, But still someone of the cameramen found me photoing with Kaisa’s camera beside the track^^’ And again some russian fan made a short video… ENJOY:D LOL or

The Saturday evening I spent with the team by pizza and git also one visitor. was great! =)

OFF to SUntholZ!!:D

ps. We got Sarkku from Altenberg to relay… jippii^^’)

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