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World Cup tournee starts. Oberhof!

Heyy! After a month abroad I’m back at home and have some time for writing…:) The blog is not only for you my fellows, but also for me:D Maybe I’ll read these uppdatings a bit later, and find them nice.. when I have retired:D
Anyways our World Cup Tour started from Oberhof where we had at first time relay team starting, and for me also sprint! :) The second time in World Cup ever…

You know Oberhof, it was foggy like usually. From the training day’s -10 it turned to +5 and total rain to the relay. So we had all kind of weathers:D Above all a horrible wind in Men’s relay.. I read from the local newspaper, 100 penalty loops and 324 reserv bullets, must be some kind of record:D

Finland’s team Kaisa, Mari, Maija and me got also a lot of penalties 7 or 9 I don’t wanna remember:D Anyways it wasn’t easy to shoot, the fogg was so heavy that it was nearly impossible the find the black spots^^’ We were over a loop after the leading team before I even started so I knew it would be only 4km’s race.. finally we got the place 18th = we can do better…

In sprint the huge amount of people, cigarettes, smoke, fireworks, soft snow and the horrible Birx-steig.. and the result was something like 81th and 1+2 penalties. It felt like a heavy ring around my legs cause of the pressing athmosphere on the tracks! sorry people, thanks people that you were cheering me. eh:D But that all felt like a bit stressy at first time…
We had the best skies at this rainy evening, though. Kaisa was 5th with 3 penalties and our Mari got her first WC points this year.. 31th with 3 penalties! so great:))) So from rainy Oberhof we headed to ….Super Rainy Ruhpolding!!:DDD

ps. in photo we girls on sprint night and our physiotherapeut Juhani:) (as you know the starting times in oberhof were like nightmare, literally. in relay my starttime was about 20.30p, so 21.30 finnish time;))

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